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New to Yoga or to Yoga 108?

A BIG WELCOME!  At Yoga 108 we try to offer a variety of levels and styles of classes in order to help you find the class that is right for YOU. We want you to be comfortable and have an excellent first experience.  


We suggest you read the class descriptions, and take into consideration your goals, your needs, and your personal limits.  You will find the class(es)/instructor(s) that work for you as you try out Yoga 108’s various classes.  


Depending on how often you practice, you will likely notice changes in your body, mind, and spirit. Since yoga is the scientific practice of union with the self, (body/mind/spirit) we often find ourselves relating in more positive ways to life circumstances, other people, and the world around us. If you have questions that are not addressed below, please visit our FAQ page, and if you still are unsure about something, shoot us an email at  Again, welcome to Yoga 108! We want you to love your experience! 

Taking the stress out of your first visit: 


For your first class, arrive 15 minutes before class to check in, sign some initial paperwork, tour the facility, put your things away, use the restroom and find your place in the studio. For your best first experience, we recommend that you place your mat where you can see and hear the instructor. 


After that first visit, plan to arrive anywhere from 5-15 minutes before class starts (the studio doors will open 15 minutes before each class). 


Please silence all devices. And please do not bring devices into your yoga class.  We value the privacy and comfort of all in attendance.  And there is an added bonus for you--not having a device will help you UNPLUG and focus on your practice.  (We could all stand to unplug a little more, right?!) 

For your safety, and the safety of your personal items, the Yoga 108 entrance door is locked at the exact starting time of the class, and will remain locked throughout the class. There will be no refunds for late arrivals. (see our cancellation policy) 


The final pose of most classes is called Savasana (Corpse Pose) when the yogi has a chance to lie down, relax, and integrate the practice before stepping off the mat and into the world.  It is a real treat! 


If you think you will be thirsty during class, we recommend you bring a sealed water bottle—please no other food or drink in the practice rooms.  You will need a mat (Yoga 108 has mats to borrow and for sale), and possibly a towel if you tend to sweat during class.  Chewing gum is discouraged, as it is a dangerous choking hazard in the practice of yoga.  It is our suggestion to eat a minimum of two hours before class, as a yoga practice can be very uncomfortable if you have just eaten. 

We suggest you wear comfortable clothing that will allow for a wide range of motion.  Yoga is generally practiced barefoot to help avoid slipping and tripping. No hats, please. 


We take our shoes off before entering either practice studio. 


At Yoga 108, your instructor will (discreetly) introduce him/herself, ask your name, and ask you about your level of experience/any injuries you might be working with.  They will also ask you if you are comfortable with hands-on assists (slight adjustments to help you more safely enjoy the pose’s maximum benefits).  No offense will be taken if you ask for no hands-on assists.  


We think you will enjoy your time on your mat, but even more so if you know your limitations and don’t push yourself too hard. Finding your “edge” and working around it will help you progress with less chance of injury. 


After Savasana, if you have borrowed a 108 mat, please help us out by wiping down the mat before you roll it up and return it to the front desk.  


Please return all props to the prop shelves. We appreciate your efforts at neatness. 


Always feel free to ask your instructor questions after the class. 


Last step: leave the practice studio with more relaxed shoulders, smoother breathing, and a quieter mind!  Feel free to stop in the lobby for a spot of tea, or a fresh drink of water on us.  Say hi to your fellow yogis.  Find. Your. Place. At. 108.


See you next time!  Namaste’