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find. your. place.

Special Offers Available Now

(in studio only)

WAYS (wicked awesome yoga special) Pass: Enjoy unlimited classes 12/21-1/5.

30 Minutes of Private Instruction with Annie: A custom session just for YOU!

Single Class + Elation Gift Card: Do you know someone who enjoys yoga and beer (yes, that someone can be you)?

60 Minute Massage and a Mini Private Lesson with Annie or Elation Gift Card: A personalized massage and a little something extra.

Not everyone knows there is likely a style of yoga for every person.


Yoga 108 can help you find what yoga is right for you.


Are you a beginner? Someone who is an athlete and needs to stretch the body and the mind?Do you need very gentle yoga? Are you expecting a child? Will you feel more comfortable doing yoga with a chair? Are you a student who is in need of action in the body and quiet in the mind to navigate the rigors of succeeding in education? What about a Restorative yoga class to bring healing to the body and a quietness to the mind through training the body to consciously rest? We offer a variety of classes, at a variety of times. Come by the studio to look around, talk to a yoga teacher for advice - that part costs you nothing but time.




find. your. place.